About The Academy

The Academy for Children is a non-profit, tax exempt, non-sectarian, educational organization and school which encourages the extraordinary and phenomenal potential of each child through programs for the development and education of children, parents and professionals.


Founded in


Founded in: 1979

Quick Facts

    • Founded in: 1979
    • School year: September through June, 18 Months to Rising 5 ( Similar to Mountains Lakes District School Calendar )
    • Fun Summer  " Science Adventures" Camp June, July, August, 2Years to 3rd Grade
    • Director & Program Supervisor: Marjorie Peacock
    • Founder, Sponsor, Ceo: Barbara Frey
    • Number of students: 45
    • Student-teacher ratio: 8/9:1
    • Number of families: 30
    • Combined Teacher's Service: 160 years
    • Days in school year: 180 days (September-June); similar to Mt. Lakes school calendar plus a 4-week summer program
    • Lunchtime: No charge for pre-school through kindergarten. Two year old program: "LUNCH WITH FRIENDS" (fee).
    • Tax ID#: 22-3689962

More About The Academy

  • Our Philosophy
  • Our History
  • Our Faculty
"Encouraging the Potential of Each Child" through a differentiated education program is what sets the Academy For Children apart. Each child attending The Academy benefits from a specific developmental and educational program designed by the directors and coordinated and implemented by teachers. Through the individual assessment and curriculum/program design, one-to-one specific learning is facilitated through fun games and activities. Within a positive environment enriched with opportunities for learning and play, teachers facilitate each child's individual program. The small class size and one-to-one attention foster learning through specific opportunities designed to fully develop each child's potential.
    • Supporting the Child’s Personality
    • Attention to differences
    • Nurturing environment
    • Fun, play + Love to learn
    • Indoor/Outdoor Games for Little Kids
    • Professional & Qualified Teachers
The Academy was founded in 1979 as the National Academy for Child Development. Barbara C. Frey was one of the co-founders of this non-profit organization which provided individual developmental evaluations for children and their families. The NACD expanded to serve families from across the United States. The Academy in Mountain Lakes has served over a thousand families to date and is unique in that it provided a school which, under the direction of Barbara Frey, implemented the philosophy of encouraging the potential in children. In 1995 Marjorie McCabe-Peacock joined The Academy Team and she and Barbara began to expand the school's programs. In 1999-2000, a new Board of Trustees was formed, thus founding The Academy for Children, a non-profit, tax-exempt, non-sectarian, 501(c)3 educational organization and school.

    The Members of The Board of Trustees are:

    • Barbara C. Frey, President - Trustee
    • Marjorie Peacock, Vice-President - Trustee
    • Annella Dignes - Trustee
    • Judy Burton, Secretary - Trustee
    • Eva Barcza - Trustee
    • Dina McWilliams - Trustee
The Academy faculty includes more than 15 Teachers and Summer Counselors. All teachers are certified in CPR, AED and First Aid. Our teachers hold a variety of degrees, specialties, training in art, science, math and early childhood education. Barbara C. Frey, Founder, Sponsor and CEO has a B.S in Education from the University of Michigan. She has an extensive background in early childhood education, team teaching, positive behavioral programs, and neuro-education. Marjorie McCabe-Peacock, M.S. Ed, Director and Program Supervisor. Marjorie Peacock has a B.S. in Health Education from Russell Sage College and a M.S. in Education, Curriculum and Teaching from Fordham University. She has an extensive background in early childhood education, teacher training, special education and is a reading specialist. Professional Development, workshop and ongoing training developed specially by the Academy For Children are part of our faculties school year.

What makes our school special!

Our Staff & Teachers

Marjorie Peacock,
Director/Program supervisor
Barbara Frey
Betsey Nagle
Briana Frost
Annette Bednar
Joyce Prevosnik
Linda Carbone
Dina McWilliams
Substitute teacher /Office Administrator
Danielle Fidacaro
Rachel McWilliams
Noel Malnati

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