The Academy for Children’s “In House Field Trips” are designed to bring curriculum alive. The Academy’s curriculum is multi faceted and covers science, dinosaurs (for example), rocks and minerals, paleontology, as well as Community Helpers, the police, the fire fighters, and the Canine Police Unit, and famous composers, music and art.

In bringing real life people, sights, sounds, touch, and up close experiences to the children, The Academy students experience first hand what a real paleontologist does, what did a diplodocus, a saber tooth tiger, actually look like, what indeed does a violin look like, feel like, how does it sound? They will learn that a Police Dog really helps the community, and needs to practice every day to become good at his job.

By bringing these experiences to the children, and in conjunction with a real classroom curriculum, the students can actually see, hear, touch, react, ask “wh” questions, and really learn! This learning stays with the child throughout a lifetime.